Last Sunday we did the last walk missing for us from the available range in the Jenolan tourist booklet: the circular Healing Waters wall.


It takes from 2-3 hours, depending on your walking pace, rest stops and pauses for pictures. As we had plenty of time, we took our time to enjoy the beauty of the valley and walk a bit further. So it took us almost three hours.

Closed tracks

We had chosen the circular walk and wanted to start from the Grand Arc, but when we reached the start of the way down to the arc we realized it was closed! That has been one of the problems there at Jenolan: many walks are closed and you only find it out after you program yourself and walk long distances up or down hills.

When we saw the walk closed, we got frustrated but decided to continue straight for a while. We then saw some other signs pointing to McKeon Valley. So what should be our arrival place became our starting point.

Our route

We went up to the Grand Arc lookdown and then follow the signs until the zig zag road. Although this road is mentioned in the flyer they gives at Jenolan Caves House, there is NO sign which point to the way. We had to guess, follow our instincts…

After about 15mins down the slippery zig zag road, we reached McKweon’s Valley!