In the middle of the Royal National Park you can find this piece of heaven, Wattamola. 

I believe it’s currently our family’s favorite spot to swim and relax.

On one side you have a beautiful and calm sea. It’s LOVELY to swim and people also go snorkeling there. 

On the other side, you have a wonderful warm lake and a waterfall! Warm water and a waterfall sounds totally contradictory, doesn’t it? Well, in Watamolla it isn’t.

You can swim, relax, play in inflatable toys and even watch some adrenaline fond people jumping from the top of the waterfall (please, don’t jump! That should be VERY dangerous). The thing is that people do jump and sometimes spectators go crazy with admiration and joy for the brave ones or booing the ones who get to the edge, realize how dangerous it can be and turn back to try something safer.
On the weekends, they have a coffee and ice cream van next to the toilets and parking lot 1. Oh and by the way, in despite of counting on 4 relatively large parking lots, Watamolla does get full on the weekends and the road closes.

So, if you are willing to try the beauties of Watamolla, you need to arrive early or… Leave your car parked on the side of the main road and walk about 1h to enjoy this piece of heaven. What!? Yes. People do that.