Visitor centre at the Tree Top Walk in Illawarra, NSW.

Very nice place for a guided adventure. The Tree Top Walk at Illawarra is quite cool and accessible. In addition, you can choose from a range of activities according to the degree of adventure and investment you are willing to make.

We did the tree top walk and everyone seemed to enjoy, including my 4 years old son, Leo.

The whole wall took us about 1h or 1h30 and it was very easy for everyone.


Beginning our small adventure (for my 4 year old it was a big one!).



Two coalas!


You can also walk on short trackings on plain ground… It lasted about 15min.


On the way back we could choose a pavimented track or a plain ground one. Guess which one we chose? 😉

And, of course, most importantly: beware the jabberwocky.



The most relevant attention note at the park… 😀