The Living Desert State Park is a magical place.

There you can walk on self guided tracks and have the opportunity to see kangaroos, lizards, emus, goats,  numerous birds, learn a little about the aboriginal culture, see some amazing sculptures created by artists from all over the world and watch the sunset in the outback combining the energy of the sun to the energy of the sculptures location.

First, we visited the sculptures.

What animal does that represent?
Mum and son were symbolized in this sculpture.

The we had LOTS of fun following the cultural track.

These twin brothers were seeing at the beginning of the walk.
The lookout
Aboriginal people used to build shelters like those to protect themselves from the hot days.

For me the outback has two levels for contemplation: the regular one and a tiny beautiful one which has stunning small flowers and special rocks.

Small wild flowers in Broken Hill.
Small wild flowers in Broken Hill.

I just enjoy walking around and imagining myself as a miniature sitting in those rocks and among those flowers.

We had such nice time at this park that we had to return later to see the famous sunset.

So, we went for a walk in the city and went back at around 8pm.

We visited each sculpture again as if we had never seen them. It seems that there is always something special to observe about them.

Picture taken by our 4-year-old son, Leo.
The traditional jumping beside the famous sculpture.
Pictures during sunset at the Living Desert State Park.
Special sunset at Broken Hill.

Being in the Living Desert State Park in Broken Hill in the first day of the year was an experience we will remember forever.

That was really special.