I think that on the way to Broken Hill, not only you have the opportunity to see a variety of wild animals, but also to see how people can go wild…

At least that’s how I felt in our chases for toilets on the road. During great part of the trip from Nyngan to Broken Hill there were plenty of usable public toilets by the road. A few of them even had playgrounds for the kids (my son loved them!).

However, depending on the road you were, public toilets were rare if there was any. So, travelers depend on the toilets from gas stations, convenience stores and even small towns shops or pubs. That’s when I felt people also go wild :O

It felt like someone had thrown a piece of bread (The toilet) and there was an angry bird (the attendant in the gas stations and etc.) who controlled it and did not want to share with the other starving birds (us). They wanted to keep the bread for them and share only under a condition: you have to buy!

Fair enough! One of the convenience store even had this whole story about how expensive it is to keep the toilets working and bla bla bla. While you were there using the so wanted toilet, the story was right in front of you so you had time to read and reflect. And it ended with the following advice: please buy something!

Thanks God in that occasion we had already put gas, so I didn’t have to use my imagination on what I could buy that time since our car had enough lollies, chocolates, snow balls, mints, chewing gums and chips.

And by the way, in this convenience store the toilet door was saying in BIG red letters: “DON’T ENTER WITHOUTH PERMISSION” instead of “toilets”. So, a poor person in a terrible need who would ENTER desperately in the store wouldn’t even find a toilet before talking to the the staff member. Good strategy for the shop, bad strategy for the needy travellers.

So, dear road trippers. Be prepared for this challenge when travelling. Maybe:

  • Don’t take all the lollies and chips you think you will need from a near by supermarket. Instead, leave some to be bought in these shops so you don’t have to beg for the toilet or argue with the attendant and spoil your trip. The treats will be more expensive? Yes. But you need the toilet and you don’t want to argue or beg, I guess…
  • Try not leave your toilet needs for the last moment so if someone is nasty at you, you just turn the back and try the next one. I know this is not easy specially when you have kids – I have a 4-year-old son and understand the situation is urgent many times and we parents cannot play the proud. But sometimes, people can be nasty even when you bought things, just because you entered after the previous client before getting the keys in the counter for example (The door was open of course). It happened with my partner and son in a quite large and beautiful gas station.