Our road trip back to Nyngan was very calm. We had a stop in Cobar to get some bread just to find out that all the bread was gone :O . There was some pita left and nice people around. Lucky us!

A thoughtful message at the Grand Hotel wall, in Cobar

We arrived in Nyngan at around 6pm, set our tent in the Nyngan Riverside and went for a walk in the city centre.

Our cozy tent in Nyngan Riverside Campground

Nyngan is a lovely place! There is a War Memorial Swimming Pool, a large playground, a tennis court, skate ramps and a bowling club which seem to have a Chinese restaurant inside – unfortunately it was closed. But we had delicious burgers at the convenience store at the BP gas station.

Playground in Nyngan city centre

They offer a variety of food including curry, rice, chips, wedges, burgers and even pizza! The staff is also very friendly. These were our veggie burgers:

Our real outback burger

And for dessert we had for the first time a yummy trifle:

Our first trifle ever and it was in the outback!

The night was beautiful at the Nyngan Riverside campground and we slept with the sounds of bats… Got recharged for the following day.