It was amazing being able to visit such special place on the 1st day of the year: the Living Desert State Park.

Monument at the beginning of the statues exposition

You can see and take beautiful pictures with the famous sandstones statues, built during a symposium by artists from different origins.

One of the most famous statues made by a Mexican artist

I believe that it is the combination of the sandstones with the outback view that makes this place magical. The stories which inspired each of the artists to create their sculptures also tell us there are something else beyond our eyes can see.
We also took the cultural walking track and had a picnic in the park rest area. Everything beautiful and well taken care of.

During the visit to this park, we saw kangaroos, goats, birds and lizards. I even had the opportunity to talk with a native:


After that we had to visit Bell’s milk bar one more time and of course, come back to see the sculptures during the sunset. But this will be in a different post.