I think my favorite thing about camping is really the view and the animals sounds when you wake up.

At 6 am, in our tent.

Our 3 people tent is really spacious enough for the three of us. And it has this doors and windows to protect against mosquitos which allowed us to have a fresh sleep by the river (it usually gets hot inside a tent).

Our first night in the Outback was great. And in the morning we got a treat: lots of love from Buster the camel…

Buster is a lovely camel!
I was so lucky to be her favorite!
Sarah was more serious, but still very friendly.

Our next stop to rest was Cobar a very calm and silent city.

In our stops we found some small mates, who came in group to ask for food.

Some mates asked for food on the road.

They walk towards us like small people and start screaming. You don’t have to be eating for them to ask for food. It seems they know we carry food with us by now. We shared our bread with them.

As we approached Broken Hill, the cities were getting smaller and the roads and surroundings more full of animals. Emus, kangaroos and lizards crossed our way. We also saw many goats and even a white peacock by the road.