The fact is that, after the swimming pool training, I thought: “ok! The experience is really fantastic, but I am finishing this course and that’s all. I will never dive again.” I was just so scared of going to the sea. In fact, I was terrified.

As inevitable as it was, the day for my 1st dive in the sea arrived and… it was just beautiful!!!! I fell in love with this underwater world. It’s full of colors and different forms of lives. Forms that, unfortunately, most of people just get to see in their meals. This time, at the end of this dive, the feeling was: WOW! I want to do that again!

The sea, so special for me, has another meaning today. It became even more special! When I look at it, I can see much more than I used to:

In the second dive, we were four scuba diving students and two instructors: Andrey, Dimitrios, James, me (students), Dimitri and Thomas (instructors from Scubathlon).

We had the sad and, at the same time, fantastic experience of participating in a baby shark rescue. It was stuck in a fisherman’s line.

You can see the summary of the rescue in the video below: