I believe that nothing is better than starting this blog with a life change experience: my first scuba diving practice.

After been giving a scuba diving course for birthday by my partner (yes, maybe he is just trying to get rid of me 😉 ) the big challenge started. I had to complete an online course on scuba diving theory. Wow! That was scary enough… Reading about all those possible ways to get sick and die. Still, I had to do the diving. After getting approved in the course, we had our first practice! (yes, my partner is taking the course too).

Our dear instructor, Della, took us to Burwood/Sydney swimming pool. It was there that I found out how it feels being able to breath underwater. It feels AMAZING! I felt like I was entering another world.

Here you can see a video which summarizes the whole experience:

And here, you can find info about the Scubathlon school in Kogarah/Sydney, in case you are interested in trying scuba diving or improving your skills: www.scubathlon.com.au.